About us

Who we are

Al Hakkim Medical Tourism is committed to providing you with the best medical advice with the best medical assistance at competitive prices.


Our vision is to be the premier healthcare service provider recognized globally for its patient care and contribution to clinical and scientific research—promoting partnerships with leading global healthcare organizations.


To carry out its mission, Al Hakkim Medical Tourism is committed to the following excellence objectives:

  • Follow international service standards and personalized care.

  • Provide outstanding service to patients, visitors, and their families.

  • Offer the cultural, language, and location-related support and sensitivity that visitors need.

  • Tailor its care to patient age and situation.

  • Put the patient’s needs and wellbeing above all else in the provision of care.

  • Provide care with sincerity, responsibility, respect, purpose, empathy, and emotional support.

  • Demonstrate commitment to the entire patient experience.


The mission of Al Hakkim Medical Tourism is to provide excellence in medical care to patients and visitors of all ages from around the world—to deliver quality, compassionate care, and offer premier diagnostic services, to optimize their physical and emotional health, and live their lives to the fullest.