Al Hakkim adds New Hospitals for Medical Value Travel


AHI under the brand name “CARE24” signed a few additional Tie-ups with some new-generation hospitals abroad for major Healthcare treatments.

Medical Value Travel is a grooming phenomenon in the healthcare sector of OMAN.

Al Hakkim is one of the pioneers supporting Omani patients who travel abroad for advanced treatment at an affordable cost.

Among the Hospitals Al Hakkim has been referring patients from Oman are:

India: HCG, Artemis, BLK, Rajagiri, Lakeshore, Srikara, Vijayalakshmi, Ayurkshetra, Maurya etc.

Bangkok: Bangkok Hospital.

In the recent Oman Health Expo 2023, Al Hakkim entered a few new tie-ups with some of the global Hospitals for treating their Omani Patients.

APOLLO ADLUX, COCHIN: Apollo Adlux located in the heart of Angamally, is one of the most advanced multi-specialty hospitals in Kerala. It is the first venture of Apollo in Kerala. It is a 300-bed Hospital with all 60Ultra modern ICUs. Almost all the specialty medical services are available here.

MEDICAL PARK, TURKEY: Medical Park is the largest hospital group in Turkey. The main Motto of this hospital is “Health care for all”. They have gathered all the specialists under one roof. Here you have treatment for all purposes, whether you want an advanced treatment for your ailments or if you want to boom your aesthetic beauty. Hair Transplant is the most highlighted service here.

BANGKOK HOSPITAL, PATTAYA: One of the prominent hospitals in Thailand, with all Multi-specialty facilities. It is the final medical destination in Thailand if you wish for an advanced treatment in Thailand. It is a premier center for Cardiology, Neurology, Oncology, Nephrology, Neonatal care, Critical Care, and many more… In simple words, we can say they have solutions for every disease.

CHENNAI FERTILITY CENTRE, CHENNAI: There is nothing more precious in this world than bringing a new life into it. Dr VM Thomas, Institute Director and Chairman of Chennai Fertility Clinic is like an angel to many of the couples, who have lost hope for parent ship. Under his surveillance and expertise, more than 21000 new lives have been born. CFC is the other name for “Infertility treatment”.  The care and comfort you get at CFC can never be compared to anything in this world.

CENTERLINE SPINE & JOINT CLINIC, COCHIN: Looking for a surgery-less treatment for your back pain and joint pain. Then, do not hesitate to opt for Centreline, if your treatment destination is Cochin. New advanced treatment for pain relief is done here. The benefit of this treatment is that it is much cheaper and more effective than the surgeries.

WELLPHY PAIN & SPORTS CLINIC, KOZHIKODE: ‘Painless treatment for pain’ and that is ‘Wellphy’. They have advanced pain relief treatments for all ages. They have evidence to show their treatment success, as most of their clients are renowned Health professionals. They also have solution for other Uro-genital conditions without surgery or medications.

NEUVIVE REHABILITATION CENTRE, TRIVANDRUM: ‘Rehabilitation’ is now a Common term. It is a stage where one prepares their body and mind to transit from an illness stage to a normal living. This is where ‘Neuvive’ has its significance. ‘Neuvive’ is a stand-alone property and indeed the first of its kind in South Kerala. Your transition from illness to state of health and happiness is scientifically done here through thorough therapies.

CYTECARE CANCER HOSPITAL, BANGALORE: A specialized Centre for cancer treatment. First of its kind in South India, where “Fighting cancer at the right way is done”. Every cancer is different and have to be treated differently. In Cytecare, there is a different specialist to identify and treat each variant of cancer.  Treating the root cause of cancer with most modern equipment’s and advanced treatment technologies at a very affordable price.

NMC SPECIALTY HOSPITAL, DUBAI: The largest private Healthcare company in the U.A.E over 48 years of their service, they have made more than 5.5 million of satisfied customers. One of the top hospitals with all advanced facilities.

AL HAKKIM also has a separate wing for Hair Transplant which is an inevitable part of today’s lifestyle. Al Hakkim’s hair Transplant sector has a strong connection with Turkey & Iran. We understand that hair loss can be a sensitive and personal issue, which is why we strive to provide safe, comfortable, and effective procedures. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that every patient receives the best possible care and achieves the desired results.

PARASAMEHR SKIN, HAIR, BEAUTY & LASER CENTRE in Shiraz, Iran & Medical Park in Istanbul, Turkey are our international partners in Hair transplant.

Al Hakkim is well known for its contributions to Nursing Care and physiotherapy services for old age and disabled patients at the comfort of their home. In contribution, they are establishing a new Rehab Facility for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy for the weaker sections of the community.